Birds and Flowers acrylic painting

Today, in between adding a few more rounds to a seemingly never ending knitting project I’m doing. I finished a canvas board acrylic painting that I’ve been on and off working on for the past week.

Acrylic painting, on canvas board, finished 12/07/2015.  My pictures tend to normally just have one main focus but this one was more of an experimentation as everything all together is more to focus on.  My main inspiration for this painting was the idea that I wanted to do something red. I was really captivated by the idea and so I naturally thought the best was to do it was the contract between red and green.  Creating the green background was certainly fun, I wanted to get as many different tones in it as I could.  Then I just had to decide what to actually paint on it once the background had dried.   As a child I always liked tulips, yet hadn’t actually drawn or painted them since then.

I then added a layer of white onto where I would put the tulips and the other objects.  This allowed me to not only have an idea of what the finished thing would look like, as well as having a guide of where to paint, but also meant that the further colours once added would stand out a lot more. This allowed for a sort of natural shading effect.

023  With the bird, I used my new acrylic mediums I got to today to experiment with the different effects. This created a sort of shine and transparency that I think helps to give the bird slightly more realistic feathers.

024 By far my favourite little detail to this painting is the little ladybird.

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