Lioness Painting

So for those of you that follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have seen the in progress photos  of my Lioness painting.  This was a fun one to paint, started it on Wednesday evening and finished it this evening.

Prints are available here 

The reference photo came from Janruss over at paint my photo 

Stage one

IMG_2438  At this point I’d just drawn the outline and then covered the bits I wanted to stay white with masking fluid.

Stage two

IMG_2439  This was my progress by Friday evening. I’d put in the background and blocked in a lot of the main colours and tones.

IMG_2440  My second to last stage, the work I’d completed by Saturday evening.  By this point I’d got most of my layers and colours in and I’d also removed the masking fluid so I could start evening out some of the areas that needed it.

Finished product


So here’s the finished thing. Final shadows and highlights were added as necessary, as well as more being done to the ear.

Products used

  • Paint brushes – 1″ Oval wash and a 6 Filbert (both Daler Rowney) and also a number 3 round
  • Koi watercolours from the pocket field sketch box
  • Paper – Daler Rowney Aquafine 12 x 9 inches  140lbs cold pressed.
  • Masking fluid and masking fluid brushes.

lioness finished cropped

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