Expressions, emotions and people

girl with plaitsSo after my last picture I’ve been practising more at doing people and different styles and things.  The second one of these two pictures is definitely my favourite.  Both pictures were coloured in using coloured pencil.  The top one using my Polychromos  ones by Faber-Castell and then the second using my Luminance ones by Caran D’ache.

two expressions girls Who knew that drawing people could be so fun?  I love creating the different expressions and hairstyles.  Also colouring in the eyes on this one was particularly fun.   There are more manga style than actually realistic pictures,  but in a way I think that’s what makes this style even better,  that you’re not actually comparing it to a real life person.

2 thoughts on “Expressions, emotions and people

    1. Thanks, it was quite a lot of layering and burnishing 🙂 and yeah it can be fun, I like the different hairstyles and emotions you can achieve without always having to worry about it
      looking 100% realistic.

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