Scrawlr Challenge #1

So before Christmas I decided I’d be proactive in keeping myself busy and I’d just learnt about Scrawlr boxes so figured it’s a good way to make sure I have at least something new to keep me occupied each month.   So the January one is my first,  it’s certainly exciting getting a delivery of random art stuff and it’s good to try out things I wouldn’t necessarily have heard of or brought.

IMG_2622 IMG_2623  info

I love the fact that there’s a nice variety of things in the box that will come in useful for other things too, and they also thought to include an extra treat (and it was a rather nice lolly 😛 )














The featured art work,  which I think is great that it both inspires to do something maybe a bit different and also gives exposure to an artist who may not necessarily get it.

This months featured artist was someone who goes by the name IGotTheDoodlesIMG_2624

This was the Scrawlr challenge,  not my normal style and quite different, but I certainly gave it a shot…


IMG_2626  This was my little random squiggle (that hopefully you can just about see) which then turned into …


So the finished thing ended up looking like this after the colour was added.  I may have gone a little over board with the colour, but that’s just one of the things you realise after you’ve done it sometimes.  scrawlr challenge 1

So it’s definitely abstract I think, not sure if I like it, but it was fun to do.

The things I learnt or remembered whilst doing this…

  • Colour in moderation is sometimes best, especially with pens.
  • These particular pens – the Faber-Castell grip colour markers, aren’t ones I’d probably go out of my way to get, they are good for very small areas and bits you won’t really go back over, but the effect when you go back over an area isn’t too great,  they may be better on marker paper so I’ll probably test that out at some point.
  • Trying to work out what to put in random shapes is fun but tricky.

So all in all I’m glad I’ve subscribed.  It gives me something extra to do and who doesn’t want random art supplies to try out.  Now I’m excited for the February box. 🙂 And hopefully I’ll have a lot of other things to post between now and when I get that.



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