Pokémon Fan Art

I’ve done two pokemon themed fan art pieces recently. One for Halloween and one for Christmas.

I’ve done speed painting videos for both.

These were both painted in a Daler Rowney mixed media A4 Sketchbook and painted using Winsor & Newton Gouache.

I really enjoyed working on these pieces, so I hope you like them.

I’m trying to upload two videos a week to my youtube channel so please remember to subscribe to keep up to date.

Fan art Friday

I’ve just started trying to do a fan art friday thing alongside inktober currently.

Here’s today’s, as shared on instagram,  a painting of Jemima Puddle Duck. I even did a little speed painting video for this.

It was painted with Winsor and Newton Gouache in a Daler Rowney mixed media sketchbook.


Hayley from The Originals

Phoebe Tonkin / Hayley from The Originals

Portraits aren’t usually my thing, but practice makes perfect and all that.

I did mess around with the hair colour a little whilst doing this,  probably due to recently dying my own hair red,  I think it adds a nice twist. 🙂

hayley hq

“My feelings for Elijah are complicated, Jack. But that doesn’t mean that I love you any less. I chose you. And I choose you again every single day. Can’t that be enough?” – Hayley

“Don’t. Don’t say it. Ever since the first day that I met you, I have felt everything for you. And all this time you were never able to say how you feel about me and I get it. You can’t just be the guy who says how he feels. But Jackson is. And I think that I could be happy with him. And I just want to be happy Elijah. So whatever you’re gonna say to me, please don’t say it.” – Hayley to Elijah

I’ve always loved her character in The Originals, but then there isn’t really a character in it that isn’t amazing in one way or another.

This portrait was done on 12 x 9 inch cold pressed Daler Rowney 140lbs watercolour Aquarelle paper.

I used the Derwent skintones set of 12 watercolour pencils. As it was my first time using them I wasn’t sure what to expect but they worked really well and I love how they can layer and how useful the cream and the white were.

Over all I’m pretty happy with this.

(also in case I don’t post anything more between now and tomorrow – Happy Christmas everyone)  🙂