Hopes, projects and hopefully success..

So it’s that time of year where we start to think about what we want from the next year. I’ve certainly had plenty of thoughts in the last month about where I want things to go.

My plans for my artwork in 2017 were fairly simple, I’d been struggling to get back into focussing on artwork so I wanted to give myself a few goals, and I’m happy to say that for the most part I succeeded in them.  I’d aimed to complete at least one piece that I was proud of every month and to complete Inktober fully for the first time ever.  With the help of those two goals I’ve ended up completing artwork at least every week if not every day. Being creative is definitely a good habit to get into, especially if your mind wanders into negative thinking as badly and as often as mine does.

For 2018 I know better than to try and think of personal goals, because I never manage to achieve those. So once again I’m focusing on setting a few professional goals, that of course will have to work around the day job.

This year I’m aiming to complete each one of the coloured pencil magazine contests, I don’t work in coloured pencil enough so I’m hoping this will make me a bit more efficient with that. My January 2018 entry can be seen here https://www.flickr.com/photos/161472244@N04/39114077162/in/pool-cpmchallenge/

Another monthly challenge I’d like to maintain is the Scrawlrbox challenges as they art really helping with creativity.

I’m also intending to keep my previous goals of completing as much artwork as I can and to complete inktober in full.

I also have a few projects I’ve been thinking about such as picture books and illustrations, so hopefully those will turn out well.

I’m sure more goals will be thought of in the upcoming days, but for now. Happy New year. Feel free to share in the comments any of your own artistic, professional or any other types of aspirations for where you want to be in 2018.

Blue Eagle

blue eagle.jpg

I felt like doing something a little different and I’d had this idea in my mind for a little while, so I turned a Bald Eagle into a Blue Eagle. The reference photo I used was http://pmp-art.com/angeline-rijkeboer/gallery/157941/bald-eagle

This was done in the same way most of my pictures lately have been, using both Polychromos and Luminance coloured pencils and blending using Gamsol (which is a paint thinner), and was created on  Daler Rowney Aquafine hot pressed 140lb watercolour paper. I like using this paper because it’s nice and solid, allows a decent amount of layers, doesn’t seem to buckle at all under water or paint thinner, and also adds a bit of texture because it’s not completely smooth, which works out pretty well when drawing animals I think.


Art Prints

Fine Art America 

Deviant Art – http://fav.me/d9xujzs 

Those commissions I’ve been working on

So a few people may know I’ve been working on some commissions lately.  Well these four have now been done and given to the person they were intended for as a gift by the person who actually commissioned them.  I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out.

They were all done using Luminance and Polychromos coloured pencils.

Water Lily – Watercolour


Drawn for a card, outlined with pigment liners and then painted with watercolour. I used my Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese Watercolour Paints for this and it was the first time I’ve really used them.  They seem to be very pigmented and I like the look the colours have. I was using one of my aqua brushes for this but I think for these particular paints a normal paintbrush and water would be easier due to just how hard the colour can be to get off of an aqua brush.  

This was certainly fun to paint and it was my first time experimenting with using my liners and watercolour and I love the effect it’s created.  🙂


Deviant art – http://isabelproffitart.deviantart.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/isabelproffitart/

Fine art America – http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-isabel-proffit/shop

Twitter – @IsabelProffit

Alfie and a kitten – sort of commissions

Now these are both done partly due to my mother knowing people who would like them done and partly just because I’m always trying to improve my skills and it does help having some direction to focus it in.

The one of the Kitten was done for a friend of hers who said she wanted anything with cats.  I got the picture from Morguefile and tried my best to draw it accurately, which considering my usual cats tend to looks like aliens of some sort, I was quite happy with this.  The sketching was done with my mechanical pencils and then the colour was added with my Luminance pencils from Caran D’ache. I seem to have taken a liking to adding bold colours like red to things recently.  kitten better scan


The dog picture is of a dog called Alfie who belongs to a friend of my mothers,  I’m not sure what breed exactly this dog is but it’s some kind of cross breed and the photo I was working from wasn’t brilliant so it made this a nice little challenge.  The sketching for this was also done with my mechanical pencil.  Both pictures were drawn on  Aquafine smooth watercolour Aquarelle 140lb paper from Daler – Rowney.  I really like the smooth surface of this paper.


Hayley from The Originals

Phoebe Tonkin / Hayley from The Originals

Portraits aren’t usually my thing, but practice makes perfect and all that.

I did mess around with the hair colour a little whilst doing this,  probably due to recently dying my own hair red,  I think it adds a nice twist. 🙂

hayley hq

“My feelings for Elijah are complicated, Jack. But that doesn’t mean that I love you any less. I chose you. And I choose you again every single day. Can’t that be enough?” – Hayley

“Don’t. Don’t say it. Ever since the first day that I met you, I have felt everything for you. And all this time you were never able to say how you feel about me and I get it. You can’t just be the guy who says how he feels. But Jackson is. And I think that I could be happy with him. And I just want to be happy Elijah. So whatever you’re gonna say to me, please don’t say it.” – Hayley to Elijah

I’ve always loved her character in The Originals, but then there isn’t really a character in it that isn’t amazing in one way or another.

This portrait was done on 12 x 9 inch cold pressed Daler Rowney 140lbs watercolour Aquarelle paper.

I used the Derwent skintones set of 12 watercolour pencils. As it was my first time using them I wasn’t sure what to expect but they worked really well and I love how they can layer and how useful the cream and the white were.

Over all I’m pretty happy with this.

(also in case I don’t post anything more between now and tomorrow – Happy Christmas everyone)  🙂

Super Bunny?


So the intensity of the background on this has had me calling this super Bunny,  clearly reminds me of the super man logo somehow…

Finally finished this, started it last week and haven’t got much done all week due to being susceptible to the annoying colds that humans get.

Products used

  • Derwent A5 watercolour paper
  • Luminance pencils by Caran D’ache
  • Gamsol for blending.

Reference photo is from paint my photo  http://pmp-art.com/glennis-weston/gallery/118825/cute-bunny