Blue Eagle

blue eagle.jpg

I felt like doing something a little different and I’d had this idea in my mind for a little while, so I turned a Bald Eagle into a Blue Eagle. The reference photo I used was

This was done in the same way most of my pictures lately have been, using both Polychromos and Luminance coloured pencils and blending using Gamsol (which is a paint thinner), and was created on  Daler Rowney Aquafine hot pressed 140lb watercolour paper. I like using this paper because it’s nice and solid, allows a decent amount of layers, doesn’t seem to buckle at all under water or paint thinner, and also adds a bit of texture because it’s not completely smooth, which works out pretty well when drawing animals I think.


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Winter Valley Watercolour

winter valley

Watercolour painting created today using my Sakura Koi Water colours pocket field sketch box.  I only used 4 colours in this; yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, light red and a little burnt umber. It was painted on A5 Winsor & Newton cold pressed 140lb watercolour paper. There was no reference photo for this.

Dragon doodles

little blue dragondragon egg

Yesterday and today’s doodles.  They were both done using Letraset promarkers,  I only recently got them and I’m really liking them.  The little blue dragon was done on my normal sketch pad paper, where I noticed the ink did bleed a little.  The dragon with the egg was done on the Letraset bleedproof marker pad, and as the name of it suggests, it happily didn’t seem to bleed at all.

Something a little different

So I’ve been experimenting with a little bit of a different style compared to normal recently, as variety is always good.

Doodle art #1 – This was my first experimentation with this style, it’s amazing how fun just random doodles can be to create.

doodle art 1

Doodle art #2 – I just finished this one today after having worked on it, on and off for about a week.  It’s pretty random but the little doodle penguin has become my new favourite thing. Some of the expressions are a little strange but I’m still working out the best ones and trying out ones.  There’s a picture of how it looked before the colour was added, because I like both equally I think.   I used sharpies for the colouring in, not sure if I’m totally happy with them for large areas but for the small bits they were definitely good and the flames were created easier than I thought they might be.

balloon with colourballoon