Spaniel in Graphite

Well I think it’s a Spaniel, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong! ¬†ūüôā

My reference photo came from pixabay. It was originally in colour, which I changed to black and white to make doing a graphite picture easier.

To try and make sure my initial drawing was as accurate as possible, I used the grid method as I did in my last picture. I think I still need to improve on making sure a few of the details were in the right place, but overall I’m rather happy with how this has come out.

This is the first picture I’ve completed with the Faber-Castell 9000 graphite pencils and I’m really liking them so far. This picture had lots of layers put on it and the pencils blended really well. I’d definitely recommend these pencils.

I also used a different paper for this piece, I used A4 Bristol Board 280gm.  I really liked how smooth and sturdy this paper felt.


Prints are available at Fine Art America


Alfie and a kitten – sort of commissions

Now these are both done partly due to my mother knowing people who would like them done and partly just because I’m always trying to improve my skills and it does help having some direction to focus it in.

The one of the Kitten was done for a friend of hers who said she wanted anything with cats. ¬†I got the picture from Morguefile and tried my best to draw it accurately, which considering my usual cats tend to looks like aliens of some sort, I was quite happy with this. ¬†The sketching was done with my mechanical pencils and then the colour was added with my Luminance pencils from Caran D’ache. I seem to have taken a liking to adding bold colours like red to things recently. ¬†kitten better scan


The dog picture is of a dog called Alfie who belongs to a friend of my mothers, ¬†I’m not sure what breed exactly this dog is but it’s some kind of cross breed and the photo I was working from wasn’t brilliant so it made this a nice little challenge. ¬†The sketching for this was also done with my mechanical pencil. ¬†Both pictures were drawn on ¬†Aquafine smooth watercolour Aquarelle 140lb paper from Daler – Rowney. ¬†I really like the smooth surface of this paper.


Coloured Pencil Swan Picture


I started this on Saturday and completed it this evening.

It’s a picture of a young swan, hence all the grey and different tones on it.

It was created using Polychromos pencils from Faber-Castell and Luminance pencils from Caran D’ache. ¬†The paper I did this on was¬†Daler Rowney Aquafine aquarelle artists watercolour ¬†A4 hot pressed.

The reference photo is once again from Paint my photo, and actually from the same photographer as my Spaniel watercolour picture.  A link to that is here 

I did have a slight issue once I’d completed this picture, as I’d taped down the edges with masking tape, which is never normally a problem, but this time it stuck too much and ripped a bit of the paper, ¬†so it’s not the full A4 that it would have been. ¬†Thankfully I think I saved it well enough.

You can get prints from fine art america

As always you can get regular updates of whatever I may be working on in these places

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Bobby the Springer Spaniel watercolour picture


I started this one on Tuesday 27-10-15  and completed it tonight 30-10-15.

Prints of this are available here at fine art america

I’d been wanting to try to paint something like this¬†as I really do love these dogs, as much as I’m a crazy cat lady, if there’s one dog I’d have a soft spot for it would probably be Springer Spaniels, or Spaniels of any kind really. ¬†Well other than Rottweilers, which are my complete favourite, but that’s a different story.

The reasoning behind this is that Springer Spaniels are working dogs and the one that made it’s way into my affections in the first place is the lovely, amazingly well trained one that works on a farm run by relatives of mine at Lacey’s Family Farm. I guess I just like ones I know to be well trained.

The reference photo for this came from paint my photo, a link for it is here 

For this painting I used my Koi water colours pocket field sketch box and the paper I used was Winsor & Newton 140lb cold pressed A4(297mm x 210mm)  watercolour paper.

Lioness Painting

So for those of you that follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have seen the in progress photos ¬†of my Lioness painting. ¬†This was a fun one to paint, started it on Wednesday evening and finished it this evening.

Prints are available here 

The reference photo came from Janruss over at paint my photo 

Stage one

IMG_2438¬† At this point I’d just drawn the outline and then covered the bits I wanted to stay white with masking fluid.

Stage two

IMG_2439¬† This was my progress by Friday evening. I’d put in the background and blocked in a lot of the main colours and tones.

IMG_2440¬† My second to last stage, the work I’d completed by Saturday evening. ¬†By this point I’d got most of my layers and colours in and I’d also removed the masking fluid so I could start evening out some of the areas that needed it.

Finished product


So here’s the finished thing. Final shadows and highlights were added as necessary, as well as more being done to the ear.

Products used

  • Paint brushes – 1″ Oval wash and a 6 Filbert (both Daler Rowney) and also a number 3 round
  • Koi watercolours from the pocket field sketch box
  • Paper – Daler Rowney Aquafine 12 x 9 inches ¬†140lbs cold pressed.
  • Masking fluid and masking fluid brushes.

lioness finished cropped

Red tailed Hawk coloured Pencil Picture

red tailed hawk lq

Today I finished off a picture I started on Saturday evening. ¬†It’s my first picture with my new pencils. ¬†I got the reference photo off of Morguefile.

I really am happy with how the pencils worked and how they blended and layered well and hope it’s the start of even better work to come. ¬† The background is especially something that I like how it turned out.

Equipment used

  • Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils from the set of 24 I brought – ¬†These are really great from what I can see.
  • Luminance pencils from Caran D’ache from the set of 20 – as I’d already heard, the white is pretty great, ¬†also really liked the other colours I tried out.
  • Gamsol for blending – obviously keeping the container I put it into closed when not in use and being mindful to keep this away from the cats. ¬†This worked really well for blending, and didn’t take me too long to get used to how it works.
  • The paper I used was Derwent watercolour paper – A5 – 140lbs – this let me do quite a few layers and generally seemed to work quite nicely, didn’t buckle at all when the blender was applied.

Kittens, cards and a Labrador

It’s been a pretty hectic yet boring two weeks all at the same time. ¬†I’ve been creative yet not done things I meant to do. ¬†We also got two more kittens, they’ll never replace my dear Melody (yes her full name was Melody Pond) who got tragically taken from us in June, but they are certainly noisy, crazy and have a streak similar to her in unique weirdness. ¬†It shows what a cat she was that you have to have two kittens to even get close to the daily impact she made on our lives.

In the past few weeks I meant to have a whole lot of knitting done for my cousin who’s just had a baby, instead by the time of the babies birth I’d only done a pair of booties, and started a few other things. ¬†So instead she had those and some previously finished things.

Although here’s some of what I have got done.

macaw patagonion

It was my Dads birthday at the end of September, so one of the cards I’d done just before had an obvious home. We used to own lots of animals and Patagonians were once his favourites. ¬†As for the other card I did in the same weekend, my Macaw picture is yet to find a home. ¬† Both of these were done with my new Sakura Koi watercolour set.

Then I spent the week just gone completing a watercolour painting with the same set.  This was of a yellow Labrador. Of that week I spent about 2 nights with no progress as I was fussing over the new kittens.  lab yellow

Of course I couldn’t end¬†this update without including some sort of picture of the new kittens. ¬†The black and white was called Rainbow when we got her but we’ve since changed that to Rainy, and the tabby is Tigger, she was called Skittles, but as we already have a Skittles that would have been a bit confusing. ¬†She suites the name Tigger anyway as she has about as much energy.

IMG_2432 IMG_2433 IMG_2434

Anyways, that’s enough from me, it’s now back to finishing my Red Tailed Hawk coloured pencil picture, and of course stopping every now and then to happily glance over at the two soundly sleeping kittens on my bed.