The remaining Inktober 2017 pictures

Prints of some of these are available on Society6

I also did a video for all my inktober pictures, super cringey, but hopefully not too bad. I’m still rather new to all this 🙂

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Crested Duck painting

We have 6 ducks and yesterday I decided to paint our crested drake.

We’ve only recently got this pair and haven’t even named them yet, but he’s already been painted. I’ve been organised and already uploaded the speed paint video for this and prints are available at Fine art America  and Society6. I’ll get round to uploading my Peacock painting on there shortly. Those that follow me on instagram will have seen that painting.

He was painted using winsor and newton gouache, I’m becoming quite a fan on this stuff and was completed on A4 Daler Rowney mixed media paper. I like how this paper handles things pretty well without warping too much. It’s also the paper that I’m using for my inktober pictures and it’s really nice not having to worry about the ink bleeding through into the page below.